History and Values

In 1996, while working for a widely known fire alarm corporation, Mark Folks found himself frustrated with the lack of ethics and customer service that he was being asked to provide. In a bold move, he started Folks Fire Alarm, Inc. – knowing he could provide a better client experience. Based on trusted relationships, this business quickly took off strictly through reputation.

Honoring this humble beginning, we have continued to operate Folks Fire Alarm with the highest level of ethics, customer service, and unprecedented professionalism. To this day, companies continue reaching out to Folks Fire Alarm as a trusted resource for Commercial Fire Alarm testing, inspection, maintenance, and engineering for remodels and new builds.

What do our clients enjoy?

● Immediate response times! Having the cell phone number of the owner of Folks Fire Alarm has definite privileges!

● Honesty in their maintenance contracts. Ethics is rule #1 at Folks Fire Alarm. We will not enter a low-cost maintenance agreement to later add on additional fees or develop unnecessary repairs to mitigate the cost of the original bid.

● Unrivaled fire system experience. Mark and his team are frequently brought into situations that other commercial contractors cannot figure out. We love a good challenge and have yet to find a puzzle we cannot find a creative resolution for. Ingenuity is key to cost-effectiveness.

● Leveraging our close, trusted relationship with local Fire Marshalls. When you have never failed a test, they trust your work and are more willing to set up quick appointments to get your tenants in place sooner.

● Testing contracts come with free minor repairs. If our techs can quickly fix a minor issue (without the needs of parts) during their testing, it is on us!

● Our polite and trustworthy technicians! Folks Fire Alarm has high expectations for professional demeanor and all of them have successfully completed a background check.